Last fall, when we announced the acquisition of ShareFile, there was a ton of positive feedback around that development.  It was not because everyone felt the compelling need for yet another synch and share tool.  Instead, it was the recognition of the fascinating possibilities that emerged as a result of this union, as Citrix called it, “Follow-me data”. ShareFile’s powerful data sharing platform coupled with the Citrix portfolio of existing and emerging technologies in the area of end-user computing and secure access were ingredients for a powerful vision that aimed to solve both the data and mobility problems.

Well, we have worked hard to deliver the first phase of that vision as part of the CloudGateway 2 announcement at Synergy 2012 in San Francisco.  The combined capabilities of Receiver, ShareFile and CloudGateway enable a mobile, collaborative and secure enterprise, while addressing the biggest data leakage concerns.  Some key features of this solution being announced today are:

Secure data access from any device:  Users have the freedom to access their files from any device that can run Receiver on it – and that is more than 2B devices!  This makes it extremely convenient for existing XenDesktop users to adopt this solution.

Collaborate with anyone: Whether users wants to send a file link to a colleague or IT wants to assign fine-grained read/write permissions on a folder, enterprises now have control over how their employees interact with their data on their devices with Receiver. These features unleash the power of the ShareFile platform.

Single-Sign On (SSO) to apps and data: With CloudGateway in the backend, users can login to Receiver with their usual credentials (single-factor or multi-factor). They get access to all their apps and now their documents as well.  For the user, they go to one place and get self-service access to everything they need to be productive – we like to call that their ‘Unified StoreFront’!

Integration with Virtual Windows apps :  There is another great benefit to apps + data – quick access to view and edit documents.  Let me explain. For instance, when I am logged in to my iPad Receiver (which gives me access to my virtual apps and ShareFile data), I can not only preview a spreadsheet, but also open it in full blown MS Excel for charting and other sophisticated tasks – all just by logging into Receiver, giving me SSO to all my apps and data.  The fact is – for spreadsheets, there ain’t nothing like ExcelJ.  I find this extremely handy when I travel with just my iPad, and still don’t feel less productive.

Automatic AD-based user-provisioning: With CloudGateway, IT can control which AD groups have access to the ShareFile service and which ones don’t.  This way as employees join, leave, relocate or switch groups, their accounts are created/revoked/upgraded appropriately, with no need for IT intervention.

Remote wipe:  Let’s face it – we all lose devices (and some folks have a proclivity to do so more often!). No worries.  With one click on CloudGateway, you can wipe all corporate data (in Receiver) on the device and prevent any misuse.

We are extremely excited to launch the enterprise mobility management solution consisting of Citrix Receiver + Citrix ShareFile + Citrix CloudGateway with the above key features.  But, the journey is far from over.  We are working on other crucial areas such as intelligent and contextual policy support for file access and sharing, ShareFile access via Receiver for Windows 8 Metro, and much more.   These will be featured in subsequent releases.  You will also have the opportunity to explore the Tech Preview of ShareFile On-premise at Synergy 2012 – come on by and say hi!