When it comes to XenDesktop deployments, many enterprise IT shops will tell you that application speed is the name of the game, as well as key to degree of end user happiness. Here at Citrix, we couldn’t agree more. The astronomical growth in adoption of HDX environments is allowing users to start shifting work styles and extending their work day into the evening hours,”day extenders” or becoming full on remote warriors. This movement shifts the cost and support from the corporate local area network to the wide area network and remote branch connections. The can cause network chaos as the increase in traffic becomes less predictable. This makes the relationship between Branch Repeater and XenDesktop symbiotic in nature.

Citrix is committed to provide bigger, better and faster wan optimization platforms to support the ever growing scale of XenDesktop deployments. Enter the Repeater 1500 and 2000 on Netscaler SDX 17555 and 19555.   The tale of the tape below:

Repeater 1500 on Netscaler SDX 17555– Total throughput of 1.5 Gbps, supporting up to 3500 simultaneous HDX sessions

Repeater 2000 on Netscaler SDX 19555-Total throughput of 2.0 Gbps, supporting up to 5000 simultaneous HDX sessions.

In addition to increased performance, Citrix’s Smart acceleration quality of service engine provides un-parallel set of complimentary HDX enhancements including:

  • Smarter, more granular prioritization policies
  • Deeper visibility and reporting of HDX traffic
  • Over 500 pre-defined application classifiers

Citrix  Repeater 1500/200 for Netscaler SDX 17555/19555, unequivocally, support the highest amount of XenDesktop sessions bar none.