I am here in San Francisco all this week attending Summit and Synergy. So I’ve decided to keep a diary of my time here so I can share my experiences of the sessions I attend and the people I meet.

Day 1 of Summit started on Monday, I had a busy morning preparing the Usability session for Tools as a Service (TaaS) and the booth for TaaS.

The Summit keynote took place at 2pm, I arrived late due to late customer interviews and team wrap up.

There was some excellent discussion with Al, Paul, Tom and Mark, looking forward to the keynote on Wednesday where I’m sure there will be some exciting announcements. More to follow on that.

That evening some of the TaaS team went out for dinner in a local Thai restaurant before returning to the hotel to get some need sleep. Check out my daily diary below.

I also took lots of pictures during the event, you can find these on the Citrix Support Facebook site.


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