The user requirements for printing in a virtual desktop environment are pretty simple. From any device, from any network and any location, users simply want to discover network printers or attach a local USB printer and print to them.

Any IT pro knows, however, that making printing work seamlessly and reliably is a challenge. Many customers have had to resort to complicated management and expensive third party technologies to meet the demands of printing. Now, the Citrix desktop virtualization solution tames the complexity of printing by completing a universal printing architecture with the Citrix HDX Universal Print Server. Combined with the previously available Universal Print Driver, administrators may now install a single driver in the virtual desktop image or application server to permit local or network printing from any device, including thin clients and tablets.

Leveraging HDX optimization technology to reduce bandwidth load over wide area networks and manage printing communications outside of the virtual desktop channel for enhanced Quality of Service. The Universal Print Server, along with necessary system updates will be included in the upcoming XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack 1 release in June 2012.