Enabling mobile workstyles. Here at Citrix, this is one of the key tenets we embrace with all of our products. Citrix Receiver has been the poster child of this goal by allowing employees to access enterprise data, applications and desktops from any device including smartphones, tablets and PCs. To date, Receiver is supported on more than 2 billion devices, making it a leading mobility solution for the enterprise.

This is why I am excited to announce some of the great new features that will be coming to the Receiver product line. Each of these enhancements will open new doors for enterprises that are trying to support their mobile workers, improve productivity, lower costs or improve security. Here are some of the great new capabilities coming to Receiver:

  • Quick and easy set up. We all know what it’s like to get a new toy and not know all of the information needed to set it up. Depressing huh? With the new Receiver, employees now have one place to go to download their Receiver client and as long as they know their email address, they are good to go. Citrix has empowered IT to make Receiver delivery painless and have employees up and running in minutes.
  • Follow-me Enterprise. When used in combination with CloudGateway and ShareFile, employees will have access to all of their corporate apps and data on every one of their devices. Receiver gives users a single, secure workspace to access their cloud apps, while locally running their native apps and data. This “follow-me” enterprise capability ensures that employees always have access to the resources they need to be productive.
  • Rich experiences with new and lower cost devices. Citrix thought leadership around System-on-a-Chip enables partners to utilize Citrix Receiver for Linux and deliver new innovative products like the HP t410 all-in-one 13W POE zero client, and new ground breaking price-performance end point devices from nComputing, Thinlinx, Atrust and Centerm, which deliver the same HDX performance at half the cost.  As a result, together with our partners we’re expanding the number of users who can benefit from Citrix desktop virtualization solutions.
  • HDX and security enhancements. Enterprises are always looking for their infrastructure to be more secure and the new Receivers deliver on this requirement. A few examples include clientless VPN access to web, SaaS, mobile apps and data, more stringent encryption standards and tighter integration with RSA soft tokens. In addition, Citrix has made some HDX enhancements in the area of unified communications – with this release, customers can download an optimization pack for Microsoft Lync to deliver local-like collaboration.
  • Support for Window 8 Metro. Soon, we will announce a Tech Preview for the Windows 8 Metro which will leverage key capabilities in Metro devices to deliver a native, rich experience to users. Some of the benefits Window 8 device users will see are follow-me apps and desktops, touch enabled Windows apps hosted by XenDesktop, the ability to search apps via Metro charms and instant app and desktop access through Pin to Start.

These are just a few of the enhancements that will be released over the next few weeks with the goal to ensure that employees are as productivity as they can be from the office or on-the-go with an experience employees will tell their friends about.