Most of  us are inundated with cloud compute messaging telling us that the fundamental way we run our businesses and lives will change- and they have. Pay-as-you-Grow infrastructure is becoming the norm not the exception. Datacenters and storage must be virtualized and be hyper- scalable.  All of these are key concepts in supporting the idea of making the cloud work, but what about connecting clouds, in a secure and optimized manner?  Without secure cloud bridges, your datacenter is a stranded island of compute.

Citrix continues to push the boundaries of accelerating and optimizing applications and networks, and has internalized the need to bridge cloud environments. CloudBridge 2, which will be released this June, will build upon the  Netscaler-based platform and provide secure, optimized connectivity between enterprises private clouds to a number of public cloud providers, such as Softlayer, Amazon and others.  Log into a self-service catalogue of public cloud providers, a few button clicks and multiple cloud bridges can be provisioned to public cloud providers or perhaps private clouds- all in a matter of seconds. Now that the security and performance barriers have been lifted, enterprise could use CloudBridge2 for:

  • Low recovery time objective (RTO) Disaster recovery environments
  • Providing secure extension of environment for internal IT/shared services organizations
  • Optimized, secure access between community clouds.

Here is the challenge- let CloudBridge2 enable your creativity to connect your cloud-enabled resources and  get off that island!!!!