This week, Citrix announced AppDNA 6.1, a new version of the application migration software suite coming later this quarter. AppDNA 6.1 will help enterprises reach the Windows XP migration deadline and speed virtualization projects –  making it easier for you or your Citrix partner to install, setup and get started with the AppDNA software.  AppDNA 6.1 also will bring further work to combine user, machine and group information from the Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator (Lakeside Software trial version) with the accurate application testing and mapping you find in AppDNA software.

Accelerate Setup, See Insight Faster

At the end of When Harry Met Sally, Harry says “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” It’s that way with a new software suite as well – especially one that you’re really excited about after the Citrix Summit and Synergy demos.

Whether you have a looming Windows XP deadline or a hot virtualization project to start, AppDNA 6.1 makes it faster to get up and running with application testing, remediation, packaging and management with several new changes:

–       Simplified installation

–       Streamlined non-MSI import (yes, you can test .exe or almost any installation media with AppDNA software)

–       Faster access to application analysis screens and reports- so you see the value of AppDNA right away

–       System checks for environment-related and configuration issues

Know Apps, Know Users, Plan the Deployment

People love to quote Harry’s movie line, “you’re high maintenance, but you think you’re low maintenance.” The same applies to your users – now you can prove it. When the sales VP says their group needs to be first to deploy desktop virtualization, how do you justify that choice in your project plan? The sales VP says they don’t have any challenging applications and they’re all straightforward users who need anytime, anywhere access, but how do you know?

Plan your application migration by knowing the applications and the users. Are your users low maintenance- ordering a #3? Or, are they high maintenance - ordering pie a la mode, warm, but with strawberry ice cream, not vanilla, etc.?
AppDNA 6.1 brings together application, user and machine insight to show who is a high maintenance group and who is a low maintenance business unit. In other words, data to justify the best pilot group to start a virtualization project – and the rollout of the project in general.

In February, the AppDNA 6 release included alignment with the Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator, specifically the Lakeside Software FastTrack virtual desktop assessment tool– a no-charge 60 day assessment of the users and machines affiliated with applications.  The AppDNA 6 release tied user and machine information into the overall AppDNA analysis of application readiness.

AppDNA 6.1 highlights deeper integration with Lakeside for user, machine, use and frequency data. Combining the behavior of applications from AppDNA with the usage of applications from Lakeside means you have a clear view of the applications before starting a deployment. 

Use the Lakeside data solo or in conjunction with the AppDNA integration with Microsoft System Center and Active Directory for a solid picture of both the unmanaged applications users installed and the managed applications IT deployed.  Knowing the big picture before you start deployment means you can make the best choices to reduce the time and cost of the project, staff at the correct levels, and reduce the overall risk of failure.

Trusting the sales VP’s gut instinct on virtualizing the entire sales team right away could get you in a lot of trouble. What if an unforeseen application remediation challenge delay affects the sales team’s productivity – and the company’s bottom line? Do the analysis and planning up front with AppDNA and know the application issues to best plan a deployment project. With AppDNA software and a clear plan, you’ll have a much better opportunity to meet your Windows 7 deployment and virtualization goals with time to spare.
See more at Citrix Synergy this week. Join the AppDNA breakout sessions and instructor led labs.   Stop by the Solutions Expo to visit AppDNA in the Citrix booth.

If San Francisco isn’t in your plans this week, register for a no-charge test drive version of the AppDNA application migration software here.