Citrix has published a Best Practices document that provides a step-by-step guidance for configuring and setup of CloudGateway Express, a free version of its CloudGateway family of products that are helping IT departments and end users embrace Mobile Workstyles in their respective organizations.

As I have blogged and presented CloudGateway Express during and around its launch in October 2011, it is pivotal to laying the initial infrastructural groundwork for easy, secure, consistent and self-service access to all your apps and data starting with virtualized Windows desktops and apps (on XenDesktop and XenApp). With the introduction of this best practices guide (currently called the Implementation Guide), you can now easily setup CloudGateway Express along with Web Interface, without needing to do a disruptive rip-and-replace and thereby ensuring business continuity.

We believe getting familiar with setting up CloudGateway Express (of which StoreFront is a main part today) is significant, since you can now start planning to upgrade your Web Interface infrastructure over the next couple of years and make the move at your pace. Take advantage of this great resource and provide us your feedback here.