At Citrix Synergy 2012 we will show you how to embrace the consumerization of IT and use it to your advantage to enable mobile workstyles. Remember this simple equation:

mobile workstyles = (executive mobility + bring your own device + workshifting)

So you ask…What on earth are mobile workstyles? What is executive mobility, bring your own device and workshifting?

Let me put some color on this and give you some real world examples.

Executive mobility  You know that executive, that mover and shaker that’s always on the go. The one that wants to hold meetings while in the airport and keeps sending you emails while at 30,000 feet. The one that gets the job done but is always on the road. That executive needs to work while being mobile.

Bring your own device – You know that geek (ummm I meant indispensable engineer and graphics designer) in the office that wants to use his notebook with 4 times more processing power than the desktop sitting on his desk that isn’t scheduled to be refreshed until next year. The one that keeps telling you that designing CAD applications actually require a PC with processing power. That engineer needs to bring his own device to be more productive.

Workshifting – You know that accountant that wants to finalize this quarters earnings report but she’s not able to make it into the office because there’s 12 inches of snow on the ground. The one that told you months ago that she could be more productive if she could work from home on occasion. That accountant needs to shift her work to home when necessary.

Did that explain it? Well if it didn’t…no worries. You will get to see at Synergy how to work on whatever, whenever, wherever in the Mobile Workstyles Lounge, sponsored by Samsung.

Just remember another important equation:

Citrix mobile workstyles = success

Visit the Mobile Workstyles Lounge and see how Citrix and Samsung enable you to turn anyplace into the workplace. Plus, enter to win one of the latest Samsung tablets or a pair of American Airlines tickets.

Be sure to check out the following sessions…

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  • SYN217: Top trends in workshifting and collaboration
  • SYN231: Architecting your mobile enterprise
  • SYN221: Introducing: ShareFile Enterprise Edition

…and more at the Synergy Breakout Sessions site.

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