Well, check for yourself and attend Synergy Syn324 session on Thursday May 10 at 5pm!  First of all, the awesome engineers presenting knows the product from inside out and are very passionate about these coolest features they want to tell you about.  They have lots of experience with the customers from load balancing, global load balancing, to security and platform features.  Their accumulative NetScaler experience is over 35+ years!  Some of the features they will talk about is how to adapt to varying load conditions by dynamically scaling out and scaling in server infrastructure, and benefit of one of the latest protocol without losing operational control of your network, and more.  They also like to be challenged with tough questions, so come and ask your best questions.  Since this is the last session before the Synergy party night, we will give out THE coolest Citrix NetScaler jacket that is never been seen yet for the best question from the audience.

Another session to highlight is Synergy Syn305 on Friday May 11th at 10am. If you want to know what’s going on with your applications, where your users are coming from, what devices they are using to access the applications and optimize the apps based on the user behavior, then this session is for you.  We will also go through the partners we have and other NetScaler features that really provide visibility with all the apps.  In this session, we will also give out a Citrix surprise prize for the best question from the audience.

So, come to all these Synergy NetScaler sessions next week and Happy Learning!  For Synergy information, click here.