Citrix Netscaler has always been keenly focused at application tier, allowing our customers to tightly integrate all the concepts of an ADC with a higher level of intelligence within their infrastructures. This would include all elements of Optimization, Fault Tolerance and Visibility/Security, not just for Citrix specific products, but for any/all TCP or UDP based applications you may deploy in your networks.

We’re all pretty familiar with using ADCs to add optimization and fault tolerance to the front end Web and Application Tiers, but what about the back-end? As applications continue to morph, becoming more personalized and carrying much more data, there has been an exponential amount of growth across the Database tier. With that comes a whole new set of challenges that you should already be considering with respect to Database deployment and design.

When we first introduced NetScaler DataStream in 2011, our mission was to specifically add the same level of intelligence and benefit that we previously did so well for http/s and other protocols to the SQL/TDS protocols allowing for increased optimization, visibility, fault tolerance and security at the Database layer. Come learn more about the specific value and new enhancements that have been added to DataStream for 2012 in the following Synergy session:

Session Number: SYN323

Track: Enterprise Cloud Networks

Date / Time: May 10, 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Room: Moscone West 2014

Session Type: Breakout

Session Level: Technical – Advanced

Product Category: NetScaler

Content Type: Cloud-Ready Networking