To help ease the trouble of bringing up Citrix XenApp Controllers, Citrix XenApp Workers, and Citrix Web Interface, App Orchestration provides easy to use PowerShell scripts to automate the process.  These PowerShell scripts are referred to as App Delivery Setup Tools.  I will give you a quick overview on these scripts and point you to more information when available.  This will help you get through the “Provision farms and workloads” step of the App Studio configuration wizard.

  • The PowerShell scripts provided with App Orchestration require a Configuration Server to be installed and at least the “Initial setup / configuration” step of the App Studio configuration wizard completed.  Once the first step is complete and all the workflows for this step have successfully completed your domain OU structure should look similar to this:
Domain OU structure
Domain OU structure
  • As with App Orchestration you will need to have an SQL Server 2008 R2 machine with credentials having the privilege to create a database.  The XenApp controller scripts will be creating the farm database during execution.  Using the same database as the App Orchestration is possible.
  • You will need an accessible share with the contents of a Citrix XenApp DVD copied to it.  Along with this you will need to patch this share with the App Orchestration PowerShell scripts.   This option was available to you during installation.
  • The machines being provisioned will be done so through PowerShell remoting.  It is required to have this setup and enabled on all machines, including the machine performing the provisioning.

Provisioning Web Interface

You will need the following information to perform the provisioning:

  • The name of the machine we will be installing Web Interface on.
  • The path to the XenApp DVD including credentials with read access
  • The name of the Configuration Server.
  • The canonical form of the Infrastructure import OU you specified during step 1 of the App Studio configuration wizard. (Ex.

The App Delivery Setup Tools are installed on the Configuration Server, which is where I would recommend running it from.  Open the App Delivery Setup Tools PowerShell window from Start>All Programs>Citrix>App Delivery Setup Tools.  This will drop you into the location containing the PowerShell scripts.  Run New-CamWIServer.ps1

Web Interface Provisioning
Web Interface Provisioning

You will be prompted for the information you gathered from above.  Clicking the link How do I do this? on step 2 under “Add Web Interface servers” will also provide you with some of the information you will need.

In Part 2 we will be provisioning XenApp Controllers and Workloads.

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