Planning an application migration project is similar to writing a good news story. The basic facts are needed before you can tell the story or plan the migration. In a migration story, applications are the star. We hope no journalist tells a story without all of the facts, just like the CIO hopes no migration or virtual deployment starts without a clear idea of the facts about the enterprise’s applications and usage.

–          What applications are in the enterprise?

–          Who uses these applications?

–          Where do they use them? In Germany, Japan, Brazil?

–          When do they use them – at a permanent desk in the office, at a hotdesk in a regional sales office, in an airport?

–          Why do they use these application? Specifically, why do they use this version of this application?  Are there multiple versions of applications floating around the enterprise that could be consolidated? Is there an opportunity to upgrade, or do users need this edition and version for another reason?

–          How do they use these applications? Are they solely at a PC, or perhaps on a virtual desktop or mobile device?

For many organizations, mapping applications, users, devices and use case is a challenge. Some organizations try spreadsheets, whiteboards, online sites, handwritten notes or project plans to keep track of the ever-changing application landscape. They rely on best guess information from line of business owners, user surveys or even walking around to each PC to find what applications may be in the organization and on what machines.

How about automating the process? With the Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator, enterprises can access a no-charge 60-day trial of the Lakeside software to determine what users and devices access applications, how often and from where. The Lakeside data can show applications that the user may have installed. The Lakeside data can be read by the Citrix AppDNA application migration software platform and within the AppDNA software, combined with information about IT-managed applications gathered from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory. The result of this first step is a clear picture to best determine what is happening with applications in the organization.

Even after a few days of data collection with the Lakeside trial, there is clear picture of how applications are being used – or not being used. Are there duplicate applications in the organization or many versions of the same software running across the organization?

Combine user and machine information from Lakeside within the AppDNA application management system

A plan can be created to determine what applications need to be migrated. Often organizations spend a lot of time worrying about applications that are underused and not enough time focusing on applications that may be highly used. The detailed reports show true usage facts.

The AppDNA software provides automated application testing and remediation to assess how applications can be best delivered – perhaps via a new OS like Windows 7 or deployed virtually via a virtual desktop like XenDesktop. Deliver applications used the most by road warriors in a virtual format accessible on mobile devices or virtual desktops, opt to stick to traditional deployment for applications that are both used by in-office workers and that are easily migrated to a new OS.

The AppDNA software also provides unique forward-path modeling options to show how groups of applications could be deployed. Would the finance department benefit from a purely traditional OS deployment or are their finance-specific applications suitable for virtual deployment? Is a tricky Windows XP-based human resources application going to fail on Windows 7? If yes, can it be delivered to the same group of users on virtual desktops?

It’s now easier than ever before to gather all of the facts needed to plan a migration story – and to predict the ending of the story. Check out the Desktop Transformation Accelerator and the no-charge Lakeside trial. Register for a no-charge test drive version of the AppDNA application migration software here.

To learn how AppDNA software can accelerate application migrations, join us in breakout sessions and instructor led labs at Citrix Synergy next week.

Now is the time to tell your application migration story – get started with the fact-finding mission today.