Citrix booth at Synergy 2012At the Synergy 2012 Citrix Booth, you will have the opportunity to see hands-on demos of the latest and greatest Citrix products as well as talk with experts about any Citrix environment.  How are all these demos and environments delivered?  The story starts with Citrix products operating at multiple layers including XenServer as the hypervisor, XenDesktop for the delivery of virtual desktops, and Citrix Receiver running on multiple end points.

All back-end services acting as a private cloud are hosted on XenServer, providing a platform of robust and efficient server virtualization for core components.  Everything form Domain Controllers and XD brokers to NetScaler VPX appliances and VDI-in-a-Box appliances are all running in pools utilizing the power of thin cloning for an optimal storage savings.  Many of the Citrix Booth end points you will see in the demos are leveraging virtual desktops created by Machine Creation Services on XenServer and brokered by XenDesktop.

The Citrix Booth demos leverage Citrix Receiver to launch their apps and desktops over a wide array of devices including thin clients, workstations, and laptops running XenClient.  The increasing role of mobile devices is evidenced with Receiver running on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices that leverage the Citrix Mobility Pack for an improved user experience.  Citrix Receiver StoreFront is used to manage the access to these resources from an administrative standpoint, empowering the demos to use applications such as Office, GoTo products, and more.  Demos have the flexibility of running both online and offline applications as they select their apps from the self-service model of Citrix Receiver.

Some demos will leverage Access Gateway for secured remote access to off-site infrastructure to demonstrate their product.  Others, such as products from the GoTo product line will connect directly to the internet from their booth to show their demo’s capabilities.

Dell is the exclusive sponsor for the Citrix Booth this year, providing hardware used for both the back-end infrastructure and demo floor.  For the server-side computing, Dell R720 servers are used to host XenServer while the Dell EqualLogic PS 4100XV devices are used for storage with power backup provided by 2700W rack-mounted UPSes.  This is managed by a PowerEdge KVM with remote access, allowing remote management through server consoles.  On the demo floor, there is a wide display of Dell and Wyse devices that are used with the Citrix products.  Latitude E6520 laptops, ultra small form factor OptiPlex 790 workstations, powerful Precision T7500 workstations, and Latitude ST tablets will all be seen on the demo floor.  Wyse thin clients demonstrate thin computing with Citrix through the Z90 and Xenith devices.

Remember to check out the Citrix Booth at Synergy 2012 in San Francisco and see all the great Citrix products working together!