Startup.synergy is now just a week away (May 9) and I’m excited to announce our finalists who will be competing on stage for a $100k investment from Citrix Startup Accelerator.

At Startup.Synergy we will also be celebrating our first group of enterprise-oriented startup companies and their successes throughout the year. We’ll be showcasing our groundbreaking approach to corporate innovation via taking startups from seed through to Series A investment. For more information, here’s the agenda – we’d love to see you there.

Our finalists have great teams, vision, and business viability. They’ve been selected on the basis of bringing new innovation to cloud computing in the enterprise, and to the mobile workstyle.

Let’s draw back the curtains … Our Startup.Synergy finalists are:

  • CumuLogic – Enabling Java Platform-as-a-Service in public, private and hybrid IaaS clouds
  • ScriptRock – A new look at configuration management  – Store, Share and Test your System configurations
  • Hey Maya – Virtual personal assistants for access to enterprise apps from mobile
  • BuildAR – Commoditizing access to Augmented Reality for today, and for tomorrow’s new enterprise apps
  • AppEnsure – Applications Performance Ensurance in dynamic Virtualized & Cloud computing environments

Congratulations to all of these companies on their selection for Startup.Synergy and may the best company win. Over the next couple of days we’ll share some more thoughts on each company in the lead up to to next Wednesday.


As John McIntyre mentioned, we’ve seen some great success already with Citrix Startup Accelerator. To attend Startup.Synergy please visit the Synergy registration site and use code 150WEDF for a special rate of $150 for a full day that includes Citrix CEO Mark Templeton’s conference keynote, an investor panel, and the opportunity to hear the big news from our portfolio companies.