You’ve heard it before, “Put up or shut up” In fact my grandfather would always tell me “talk is cheap, show me what you got”. Well guess what? The time for talking is over.

The hot topic these days is mobility and everyone claims to have the solutions that address your workforce’s mobile workstyles. Citrix is the only company that has a complete end-to-end mobility solution. At Citrix Synergy, the Mobile Workstyles Lounge, sponsored by Samsung, demonstrates firsthand how we address these mobile workstyles comprising of executive mobility, bring-your-own-device and workshifting solutions that allow you to take your office anywhere.

In the Mobile Workstyles Lounge you will get to work on whatever, whenever, wherever and experience how the latest cutting edge devices from Samsung such as thin clients, wireless monitors, tablets, smartphones, laptops and surface tables, amd more, enable these Citrix mobile workstyles. Experience how solutions consisting of Citrix Receiver, XenDesktop, XenClient, ShareFile and GoToMeeting technologies demonstrate in four separate scenarios how work isn’t a place, it’s something you do.


From 30,000 feet

Experience from genuine American Airlines first class seats how the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 allows you to stay connected while waiting on your flight or cruising at 30,000 feet. Connect via Citrix Receiver and XenDesktop to your corporate desktop or hold HD video conference calls and share documents via GoToMeeting and ShareFile while adhering to strict security compliant standards. No internet connection? No problem. Simply work offline on your corporate desktop with XenClient on the Samsung Series 9 laptop which syncs with your corporate environment when network access is re-established.


From every location

Citrix and Samsung portfolio’s used together in a health care environment provide an unparalleled level of flexibility for medical staff. Stay mobile and connected on a crash cart with Samsung’s all-in-one Thin Client w/ Central Station monitor and XenDesktop for access to the latest medical EMR and imaging apps. Or stay at a patient’s bedside with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and review patient charts and send/receive documents with ShareFile. Staff wants to bring their own device? No problem. GoToMeeting, ShareFile and XenDesktop gives your staff the flexibility to hold meetings, transfer data and connect to their applications from their own personal devices.


From the field

Whether you’re transitioning from a mobile to office environment, and back again, Citrix and Samsung’s portfolio allows your work and data to follow you wherever you go. View, send or receive CAD designs from a Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface to a Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone seamlessly with ShareFile. Or review CAD designs via HD video conference on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.


From your home

Work isn’t a place, it’s an activity you participate in. Connect via Citrix Receiver and XenDesktop from Galaxy Tab 10.1 or 8.9 tablets. Use a Samsung Series 7 Slate, Series 9 laptop or Galaxy Note smartphone to attend conference calls via GoToMeeting from your living room and even send or receive documents via ShareFile.

Visit the Mobile Workstyles Lounge and see how Citrix and Samsung enable you to turn anyplace into the workplace. Plus, enter to win a Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet or a pair of American Airlines tickets.

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