With Citrix Web Interface reaching end-of-life in 2015, it is important that administrators become familiar with CloudGateway Express to facilitate a successful transition between products. To assist in building an environment, Citrix Consulting has put together a step-by-step Proof of Concept (PoC) guide. Receiver Storefront, which is one of the components that makeup CloudGateway Express, performs the authentication and enumerating of applications and desktops. Receiver Storefront provides users with a common access experience across devices allowing users to subscribe to their favorite application and desktop resources. These favorite resources then automatically follow the user between devices.

The guide Citrix Consulting created includes instructions and best practices for deploying a multi-server Receiver StoreFront instance. Although simple PoC environments can be created using a single server, Citrix Consulting wanted to showcase the new multi-server configuration for HA and web server synchronization features.  Also included in the document are step-by-step instructions for configuring integration with Access Gateway and NetScaler. From the testing conducted, Citrix Consulting recommends the proof of concept be focused on primary XenApp users since they will see the greatest benefits from the features Cloud Gateway Express has to offer.

The CloudGateway Express Proof of Concept Guide can be found here: