While Citrix NetScaler solutions have long been recognized as the most technologically advanced in the fast-growing service and application delivery market, our stellar financial performance too often flew ‘under the radar.’ That’s beginning to change. With its success in driving both enterprise and public cloud networks, as well as powering 1000’s of new virtual desktops every day, Citrix NetScaler is coming into clear view.

Whether you’re using a public cloud, consuming cloud-based SaaS services, accessing an enterprise app on your mobile device, or checking email on your virtual desktop, stop and ask: “what is powering the network that is delivering this experience?” Good bet that it’s Citrix NetScaler. That should be no surprise, however. For many years, NetScaler has been delivering the world’s largest web sites and enterprise apps. We know how to deliver applications and cloud-based services – with the fastest performance, highest scale and 100% availability.

So, what is the financial community taking note of? It’s likely NetScaler’s ‘topline’ performance – 46% sales growth (year-over-year comparison) in Q1 2012. (And in case you’re keeping score at home, that would be 2x the growth of a certain incumbent vendor)

A few additional NetScaler highlights from Q1 2012:

  • More than 400 new XenDesktop sales included NetScaler as part of the solution, leaving no doubt that NetScaler is the most reliable, the most popular solution for delivering virtual desktops.
  • 20% growth in just the past quarter for our NetScaler SDX consolidation platform. After less than one year in service, it’s already more than 10% of total NetScaler license revenue
  • More than 600 new NetScaler customers in this quarter alone, with huge increases from all over the globe.
  • 0% of revenue from expensive, older generation chassis-based products

2011 was a breakthrough year for Citrix NetScaler and our customers. 2012 is off to an even better start.