Lakeside WebinarIf you attended the Lakeside webinar, you learned about the new FastTrack tool, developed in collaboration with Citrix utilizing SysTrack technology, that enables Citrix users to generate the deep visibility into their environment needed for a successful desktop transformation.

Lakeside Software was established in 1997, has 200 employees and has been a Citrix partner since 1997.  Lakeside is the creator of the thin-client management software OEM’d and distributed by Citrix, also known as SysTrack, which was originally resold worldwide at Citrix Resource Manager.

Where they fit

Lakeside Software fits into the XenDesktop architecture by giving Citrix customers the user, application and systems usage data they need to successfully implement desktop transformation.

Why customers buy Lakeside Software

The most common reason why customers buy Lakeside Software to develop deep insight into their user environments.  With deeper insight, IT can make better infrastructure management decisions.

What makes Lakeside unique

Where Lakeside Software is unique in the marketplace, is their patented DataMine distributed relational database architecture, which aggregates user-level data.  DataMine allows SysTrack’s sophisticated reporting intelligence to deliver unprecedented insight into user, application and system usage and resource utilization.  Also, Citrix has entered into a collaboration agreement with Lakeside Software to make it easier for Citrix customers to speed the roll-out of desktop virtualization by offering the new Citrix Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool called FastTrack, which is based on Lakeside Software’s SysTrack product.

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