eG InnovationsIf you attended the eG Innovations webinar, you saw how you learned about performance assurance and how to deliver Citrix Desktop Transformation Success and ROI.

eG Innovations was established in 2001, has over 120 employees and has been a Citrix partner since 2003. They are in the business of providing management solutions that provide “virtualization-aware” correlation and visibility across every layer and tier for Cloud, Virtual and Physical environments.

Where they fit

eG Innovations fits into the XenDesktop architecture by providing performance assurance for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp environments.  Using either “Agent” or “Agent-less” monitoring, the systems communicate with the centralized eG Manager – which does the auto-correlation and displays the results.

Why customers buy eG Innovations

The most common reason why customers buy eG Innovations is because they are looking to automate performance management of Citrix services. This is especially important in virtual environments where it is difficult and time consuming to diagnose and repair performance problems.

What makes eG Innovations unique

Where eG Innovations is unique in the marketplace, is where Traditional performance monitoring tools only look at each silo independently, eG Innovations automatically correlates performance events across the entire physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure – from desktops & applications, to network & storage.  eG Innovations finds bottlenecks quickly, so even non-experts can fix problems and restore productivity.

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