When we first introduced AppFlow in summer 2011, our goal was simple:

“a standard for application monitoring and reporting that democratizes the application data from the network”

Since then we have been working hard to achieve this everlasting goal. While some may see this as an impossible, we are committed to socialize more and more application data with every new release.

With NetScaler 10, we have introduced the much – anticipated and asked for – support for DataBase protocols MSSQL & MYSQL.

Here’s a list of DataBase related new AppFlow elements:

  • dbProtocolName,32942
    Specifies the DB protocol
    1 is for MSSQL, 2 is for MySQL
  • dbReqType,32941
    Specifies the type of request
    For MSSQL: 1 is for QUERY, 2 is for TRANSACTION, 3 is for RPC
    For MySQL: this is the same as specified in the MySQL docs
  • dbReqString,32946
    Specifies the request string without the header
  • dbRespStatus,32948
    Specifies the status of the response received from the server
  • dbRespLength,32949
    Specifies the length of the response received from the server
  • dbRespStatString,32947
    This specifies the response status string received from the server

In addition, AppFlow in NetScaler 10 also has several new HTTP export parameters.

Additional HTTP Parameters:

Enable AppFlow HTTP Authorization header logging.

Enable AppFlow HTTP Via header logging.

Enable AppFlow HTTP Location header logging.

Enable AppFlow HTTP Setcookie header logging.

Enable AppFlow HTTP Setcookie2 header logging.

Enable AppFlow HTTP Content-Type header logging.

Before I wrap-up, I want to point out two related important messages:

  1. Be sure to visit/register at appflow.org to stay tuned with the latest on AppFlow and share/learn how your colleagues are utilizing AppFlow to administer their network.
  2. If you are planning on attending Citrix Synergy, SanFrancisco, join session ‘SYN321’ on ‘Getting real visibility into your cloud network with AppFlow’

Session Details:

Session Number:         SYN321

Track:                          Enterprise Cloud Networks

Date / Time:                 May 10, 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Room:                         Moscone West 2014

Session Type:              Breakout

Session Level:             Technical – Advanced

Product Category:        NetScaler

Content Type:             Cloud-Ready Networking

Thank you and look forward to our next blog on ‘What’s new in NetScaler 10 under Load Balancing and Web Acceleration’!