Have you heard about the Citrix Startup Accelerator? It’s been running since early 2011; we’ve invested in 11 very cool, interesting startups; some of which are great examples of the new capabilities in our IT world emerging from mobile. At the upcoming Citrix Synergy, I’m going to share some insights into how this will continue to turn IT upside down using some of our investments as jumping off points – SYN225, 11AM May 11. (We will also have a full day track on May 9 dedicated to Startups, the Citrix Startup Accelerator, our current and future companies called Startup.Synergy.)

Here’s a video interview I did at the recent MEGA Startup Weekend, talking about just some of these shifts toward the phone as universal client, as universal brain, and at the center of some amazing shifts in our market. Come along to the session, learn about the future of mobile, why you should pay attention to Citrix Startup Accelerator companies, and perhaps gain some appreciation for early stage entrepreneurs and Startup Weekends.

Dr Michael Harries, Chief Technologist Citrix Startup Accelerator