When we think about round trip time we naturally imagine the speed of packets flying through our networks.   But what I am referring to is an experience we have (frustratingly) shared when contacting any support department.

Have you ever felt you are being asked the same questions over and over again? That déjà vu feeling is generally not a pleasant one since it may increase the time to resolution. Capturing correct, complete information at the time of the problem is critical (especially for issues are difficult to reproduce).

Fortunately for us we have Citrix Scout (CTX1310147). It will collect the diagnostic data for both XenDesktop and XenApp environments.  The tool has only 2 buttons (to start and end the capture process), making it ‘push button easy’.  It allows for remote data collection and tracking of multiple machines. It will also directly upload the collected data to Citrix Technical Support.

5 Simple Steps to use Citrix Scout

1. Download the tool and execute run.exe
2. Click on Collect & Upload button
3. Select all Controllers or VDA experiencing the issue
4. Save File (You can also review the data before submitting)
5. Upload the file using your My Citrix credentials and service request number

We look forward to hearing your feedback on how to improve this tool.


Citrix Scout Overview