Will it Blend?” is one of the more popular video series on YouTube – the Blendtec blender company showcases the power of their blender by sharing viral videos of everyday objects whirring inside a blender. For some Windows 7 migrations and virtualization projects, enterprises are using the same approach for application testing: deploy a critical business application on a live new OS and see if it fractures into a million pieces.  For the blender company, the worst consequence is one broken blender or an iPhone4S  turned to dust. For enterprises, the consequences can be much more serious.

What’s the worst that could happen? There are many stories of incompatible applications wreaking havoc after a loosely managed enterprise OS upgrade. Imagine a worst case scenario in your environment:

–          the CFO comes in on a Monday and has a blue screen

–          the payroll department that can’t process paychecks

–          the customer support department that can’t find customer service tickets

The situation can be even worse in a hospital, bank, or government security agency.  The cost of risk in not testing applications before deploying is so much higher than the investment in a professional-strength application management system. Check out the Citrix AppDNA application management system that can automate the application testing, clearly show application remediation issues, automatically virtualize applications for Citrix XenApp and Microsoft App-V, and help manage the new applications that enter the environment every week.

It is possible to avoid playing “will it blend?” with applications going into a Windows 7 environment or a virtualization project.  Check out the Overview View Report generated by the Citrix AppDNA application migration software platform — it provides a management level view on the overall compatibility results.

Citrix AppDNA application testing overview report
Citrix AppDNA software automates application compatibility testing of your applications across your OS platforms and virtualization setups.

Walk through the AppDNA assessment report and the Citrix AppDNA application management software in a no-cost test drive version here.  To learn how AppDNA software can accelerate application migrations, join us in breakout sessions and instructor led labs at Citrix Synergy next month.

See the issues–show your management a clear report outlining the severity of not spending time and money on testing.  It’s too risky to just say “will it blend?” when throwing applications at Windows 7 migrations or virtualization projects. It costs a lot more to repair the damage than it does to decide to not to put something incompatible in the blender in the first place.

(No intended endorsement of the Blendtec blenders, but their YouTube videos are fun.)