Dublin Bay Power Plant (DBPP) has rolled out a Citrix cloud services environment to help support its growing IT infrastructure – ultimately allowing staff to work more efficiently and flexibly, creating a greener IT environment and reducing total hardware cost savings over a ten-year period by approximately 82 per cent.

DBPP is a 400 mega watt combined cycle gas turbine generation plant situated in Ringsend, a Dublin suburb. It is maintained by Utility Operations & Maintenance Services (UOMS), which is part of growing international energy company ESB International.

DBPP provides up to 9% of electricity generated in Ireland and has a comparatively lean team of employees on-site who need reliable tools in place to enable them to be highly productive and react quickly to any situation that may disrupt service. By deploying Citrix technology, DBPP’s objective was to create a simplified, cost effective, flexible IT infrastructure that would ultimately allow its employees to be more effective through the ability to work from anywhere, whilst at the same time enhancing critical application performance and considerably reducing management and hardware costs.

Designed and implemented by Unity Technology Solutions, a Citrix Gold Solutions advisor, the new infrastructure is powered by Citrix cloud services technologies including Citrix XenDesktop and XenServer, creating a more agile and cost effective IT environment – old “fat client” PC’s have been replaced with thin clients and virtual desktops powered by XenDesktop and Wyse terminals. Citrix NetScaler Branch Repeaterwas installed to increase application access speed across different sites. As part of the project, DBPP’s server estate was also significantly consolidated through server virtualisation. Ultimately, DBPP can now deliver virtual desktops and enhanced applications to all 41 employees, providing more flexible and productive working capabilities.

The Citrix deployment at DBPP has already delivered critical benefits. Employees can now access desktops and applications from any location, via any device – and respond to issues such as a possible plant trip, critical failure or shut-down quickly via iPhones or iPads – providing immediate support and avoiding unnecessary disruptions. 

Further, operating costs have been significantly reduced: total hardware cost savings over a ten-year period will be in the region of 82 per cent.  The company’s projections also show in excess of 90 per cent saving in power consumption, driving down operating expenditure and playing an important role in complying with the green IT policy.  As well as supporting the plant’s critical business continuity and disaster recovery procedures, the new infrastructure is agile enough to support the company’s new corporate initiatives, particularly a company-wide green IT policy designed to significantly reduce overall office energy usage.

Citrix, in collaboration with Unity Technology Solutions and Wyse Technology, is excited to be part of such a success story and looks forward to supporting DBPP in its continued business objectives and flexible working.