The Citrix Partner Tools & Rewards pod is the place to go to learn how to maximize your rewards and take advantage of promotions and tools available to you as a Citrix partner. Explore the Partner Dashboard, a powerful tool that provides quick and convenient views into key information and performance metrics on your Citrix business and partnership. See how Partner Rewards, including Citrix Advisor Rewards, can help you increase the return on your sales investment and maximize gross margin.

Learn how Citrix Partner Rewards can add up to 20% to your gross margin on a Citrix sale. Find out about all of the current partner promotions, what sales qualify for the promotions and what you have to do to get them. Explore the Citrix Advisor Rewards program, how to qualify for the rewards and how to get them. Discover how to find out if your staff’s certifications are helping you meet your Citrix’s partner requirements.

Stop by the Partner Tools & Rewards Pod at the Partner Solutions Center during Summit to find out more about all of these tools, programs and more.