Our announcement on April 3 that we would be submitting CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation sparked a lot of industry fodder around open source – not a surprise since we had 60+ industry partners supporting the news out of the gate.  And, although the comments in the Twittersphere got heated at times, it is definitely a worthwhile and needed discussion as we embark on the Cloud Era.  After all, elevating CloudStack into a full open source Apache project will only further accelerate the delivery of a powerful, proven, hypervisor-agnostic platform that helps any customer build true Amazon-style clouds.  But don’t just take my word for it, the always-provocative Christian Reilly offers one of my favorite summaries to date about why the news is important.  And of course, this week there are lots of further conversations happening at the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference.  A cool session to check out via SlideShare is “CloudStack + OpenStack – A Love Story” from Cloud.ca and CloudOps.

This week has only gotten better with news that CloudStack has been accepted into the Apache Incubator.  If you want to read about next steps for the project now that it is “official,” check out Kevin Kluge’s blog for the details.  But in a nutshell, we hope the new community will bring a much more open process to decisions around CloudStack.