How important is accuracy to an application migration project – Windows 7, virtualization or VDI? It can be the “make or break” to the project – and to a career. Making a risky decision that ends in project failure, budget overrun or even embarrassment can mean a certain end, whether you are an IT professional or a system integrator partner trying to maintain a desktop management contract.

What if the IT team could predict the failure of a business critical application before even starting the application migration project? What if a clear and detailed report could analyze applications and application dependencies and highlight conflicts before the virtual desktop project even began?

The Citrix AppDNA application management software can do just that. The AppDNA software accurately shows application compatibility issues as well as dependencies like plugins that are required for the application to run in a physical or virtual environment.

Because your environment is unique, you need to see potential pitfalls that are unique to you, not generic.  You can guess what applications might work or fail via peer postings in online forums, some manual testing and your best gut feel, but that won’t provide a comprehensive application assessment – especially against your custom OS or virtualization setup. Have you ever thought about using a professional-strength software platform designed specifically to ease the pain of application testing, remediation and application preparation?

AppDNA software uniquely tests your Windows OS gold image – or your local flavor of Citrix XenApp or Microsoft App-V – against your actual applications and the way your organization has repackaged or otherwise modified those applications. Have more than one OS image? No problem, AppDNA software supports simultaneous application testing across multiple OS images.

If you’ve ever had an OS or virtualization pilot fail, check out how AppDNA software can help you prevent future embarrassment and frustration. Accuracy in application testing is key for ensuring there aren’t major misses like an application-to-application dependency that could cause a significant flaw in your pilot.

Citrix AppDNA application testing overview report
Citrix AppDNA software automates application compatibility testing of your applications across your OS platforms and virtualization setups.

It’s simple to calculate the cost of accuracy: a difference of 10% reliability within the project can see costs increase by 40% to 60%. Add in the associated impacts on production start time, the perceived quality of service and service interruptions. Enterprise IT teams don’t want to risk wasting time, budget or resources troubleshooting errors that don’t exist or worse yet, miss a major issue that impacts the entire Windows 7 migration or VDI project.

AppDNA software is repeatedly chosen by enterprises of all sizes for application testing and remediation, plus application preparation and ongoing application management. Accuracy is a major factor in the choice to use AppDNA software over other options. AppDNA software will help you accelerate your application deployment project – and may just help you save your job.

Register for a no-charge test drive version of the AppDNA application migration software here – check out the AppDNA application compatibility reporting and the application assessment. To learn how AppDNA software can accelerate application migrations, join us in breakout sessions and instructor led labs at Citrix Synergy next month or stop by to see AppDNA software in action today in the Citrix expo booth at the Microsoft MMS conference.