Citrix Syndication is a free service that helps partners manage their web content. The content includes product messaging and lead generation assets, plus banners and lead capture forms. The leads go directly to the partner.

I’ll be at Citrix Summit San Francisco, May 7-8 to help partners get a better understanding of how syndication works and how they can register on the spot for this service.

Citrix Syndication is an ideal way to seamlessly have content appear as a mini micro-site on partner’s site and still keeps the partner in control of determining where to place the content, or “showcase” as we like to refer to it. Using a piece of code, the mini Citrix showcase instantly pushes content to the partner’s site. This helps partners keep up-to-date content about Citrix with minimal time, effort and no cost.

Come to the Partner Solutions Center to learn more and take a test drive of a sample partner site, complete with all the bells and whistles including header banners, resources and lead forms. I’ll be at the Citrix Syndication station, one out of 10 stations, to speak with partners and show them how this service can benefit them.

There is plenty of content that partners can syndicate too. Just at a glance, here are some high-level categories:

  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Networking
  • Datacenter & Cloud
  • V-Alliance

So come by the Citrix Syndication station to:

  • Learn how syndication works and to register on the spot
  • See a live demo of a sample partner site that showcases the latest Citrix content
  • Preview the assets such as white papers and data sheets that customers would see

Register for Citrix Summit and visit me at the Citrix Syndication station at the Partner Solutions Center on Monday and Tuesday. See you there!