I’ve been a ByteMobile user for ages now. It happens every time I’m traveling and want to call home. The days of picking up the phone to “reach out and touch someone” are gone as we’re no longer more than 30 seconds into hello before I hear “Daddy, can we video chat?”  And thus, me and ByteMobile have been best of friends for a while now. I get to see my little guy from afar and ByteMobile gets another proof point as to why the consumption of data on the mobile network is skyrocketing.

I’m not alone in my use of video. A mere few years ago, data was a mere 10% of the traffic with voice consuming the remaining 90%. Now, the numbers are reversed with 90% of carrier traffic being data. In the selfish interest of making sure that MY video chats work flawlessly, we’ve gone and partnered up with the ByteMobile crew to power their newly announced ByteMobile T1100 Adaptive Traffic Management. (http://www.bytemobile.com/news-events/news-releases.html)

Selfish reasons aside, the relationship makes a lot of business sense. The continuing growth of mobile data has made the carrier infrastructure market grow at an impressive 45% CAGR which is in turn driving the need to scale the underlying infrastructure. For us, this means getting to flex our scalability muscle in an exciting and strategic way. Given our recent announcements around TriScale, you can imagine how we’re excited by the potential.

By powering the ByteMobile T1100 with TriScale (http://bit.ly/I2lqUx), carriers have the tools they need to track the incredible growth by horizontally scaling the ByteMobile T3100 platform. As the traffic for a location grows, TriScale can continue stretching to handle the incremental load by leveraging various technologies such as PayGrow and Clustering. At a very practical level, this enables in-place growth that is much more CAPEX effective rather than a rip-and-replace strategy that is often necessary with power-hungry chassis based solutions.

So there you have it. NetScaler powered ByteMobile awesomeness that lets me video chat with my kid without fail. Excited doesn’t begin to describe it.