This San Jose Mercury news article this past weekend caught my eye since I deal with security questions regularly.  Although not all companies are highlighted in this article due to possible security issues, I am sure many other companies are working with the government to protect from cyber crime.  As the article mentioned “Billions stolen Experts say cyberthieves cost U.S. corporations billions of dollars annually — with some of the worst attacks linked to China — and federal agencies are being looted, too. In July, Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn revealed that “foreign intruders” have taken “terabytes of data” from defense companies, ranging from specifications for parts of tanks, airplanes and submarines to “our most sensitive systems.”   Hence, it definitely helps to have as many technologies from different companies join forces to provide the best-layered security possible against cyberattacks.  Some Citrix blogs such as from Kurt Roemer (Citrix Security Strategist) can give some insights on what Citrix technologies can provide to companies whether it is for private or public sectors.  Citrix technologies enable private or public sectors to deliver the apps or data to the desktop vs. deploying apps and data on the desktop.  Kurt was also named as a Commissioner on the TechAmerica Foundation’s Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2); hence he is already working with public sector in different initiatives.   See Citrix news for more info on Kurt’s appointment.   Citrix also has technologies such as NetScaler Application Firewall that protects many public or private sector apps today.    Design for your fears! Synergy blog is also a good one to read.  In fact, Citrix Synergy San Francisco next month also covers a lot of security topics.  Why can we send a man to the moon but not invent the best technologies against cyberattacks? As this article mentions that US National security working with many Silicon Valley companies to fight cyber crime and of course being an optimist — with collective efforts anything is possible!