Today’s cloud revolution requires a scale revolution and that revolution in scale is delivered in three dimensions by the all new, amazingly powerful, Citrix Triscale technology making NetScaler 10 is the most advanced cloud network platform.
The consumerization of IT with BYO3 (Bring-Your-Own smartphone, tablet and laptop) and the explosive growth of data that comes with this technology evolution is putting a strain on the enterprise from the IT manager right up to the board room. With a 50x data increase predicted over the next decade – how do you prepare the data center?
With Citrix of course! – The revolutionary TriScale Technology is architected to design-in cloud levels of scale to the enterprise network. As a secure, all-in-one web and database delivery solution that powers 80% of the world’s largest websites, NetScaler delivers 100% application availability, enhanced end-to-end performance, advanced application-layer attack protection, and improved server efficiency – all in a single device, with a unified, easy-to-define policy. And now, with the introduction of NetScaler 10, the number one internet delivery system has become the best solution for building enterprise cloud networks.

TriScale – Three Dimensional Scaling!

Driven by the demand from enterprises to achieve this powerful yet economic scaling, TriScale technology gives the flexibility to Scale Up, Scale Out, Scale In, or any combination of the three.

  • Scale Up – The “Pay-as-you-Grow” license allows a customer to buy for example 100Mbps of performance and incrementally add licenses as needed all the way up to 500Mbps of performance.  The elasticity in this solution also allows for burst packs – the ability to add extra capacity for a set period of time to get through a predicted spike in traffic such as a holiday season or the end of a financial period.
  • Scale Out – As even more capacity is needed, rather than a requirement for a complex, disruptive and costly forklift upgrade, the capacity can be expanded further by simply adding a new appliance into the cluster. Unlike competitive clustering offerings where there are really multiple applications running on separate boxes acting as a backup to each other, the Citrix TriScale clustering enables multiple appliances to act as one big powerful platform so that a single application or multiple applications can use the combined power of the multiple appliances to deliver incremental capacity.
    One of the other main advantages of Citrix clustering is that it gives a great alternative to an HA pair. By using a cluster rather than an HA pair, you keep the resilience but eliminate idle resources and get higher performance and capacity. You are also now set up to expand almost without limit by simply adding more NetScaler’s as needed.  In a survey of our early adopter customers, 100% agreed that having the increase in capacity and eliminating the idle standbys was important for them.
  • Scale In – For datacenters where consolidation is key, NetScaler SDX enables up to 40 fully isolated NetScaler instances to run on a single appliance, allowing more efficient utilization and consolidation of resources. NetScaler SDX offers complete isolation between independent instances, and more than double the consolidation density of competing solutions.  Combined with Scale-up and Scale out, this becomes an incredibly dynamic and powerful solution.

With data predicted by Analysts to grow at a rate of 50x in the next decade,  Citrix TriScale technology has you covered whichever way you need to scale; up, out, in or any combination.

The full scale cloud revolution starts here.