If you’ve attempted an Olympic distance marathon you may already know what it’s like to ‘hit the wall.’ It’s the sudden and painful fatigue that sets in when you’ve depleted all of your energy – but haven’t yet completed the race. For some, it happens at the mid point. For others, it sets in when the finish line is tantalizingly close. Whenever it happens, it hurts – and you don’t soon forget.

Some enterprise IT managers are starting to ‘hit the wall’ as they transform their traditional data centers into enterprise clouds. At the finish line are promises of near limitless elasticity and capacity, coupled with Amazon-like economics for compute, storage and networking. The beginning of this race, it turns out, was safe and largely known: virtualize compute. Broad adoption of virtualization in the server tier, along with rapid innovation in management and orchestration tools has given enterprises the energy and momentum to move through this enterprise cloud race at a nice clip. It feels good and progress is impressive, but the wall is coming. That wall is the data center network.

Building an enterprise cloud demands an entirely new approach for data center networking. The network (yes, the network!) must possess the same cloud attributes that have driven innovation and investment thus far, including: elastic performance, better control and security, management simplicity, and more. This becomes essential as traffic flows move east-west among VMs in a virtualized data center, rather than north-south within a segmented silo. It may be straightforward to increase capacity or performance in isolation (i.e. a single app), but when the network is flat and greater horizontal scale is required – across the entire app, web and data tier – the challenges are very different. No surprise then that successful enterprise clouds are being built upon an enterprise cloud network.

Citrix’s NetScaler team has been pushing the envelope on cloud networking for years. In fact, in case you weren’t watching, NetScaler powers more cloud computing revenue than any other app delivery controller or load balancer on the planet. Now, NetScaler 10 – our newest release – brings these same cloud capabilities to mainstream enterprises. Just a quick sampling of the 160 new capabilities in this landmark release:

  • Drive cloud scale with revolutionary Citrix TriScale technology, fulfilling the promise of cloud architectures by enabling networks to Scale UP performance on demand by 5x, Scale OUT capacity seamlessly for up to 32x expansion, and Scale IN consolidation by collapsing 40 appliances into one platform.
  • Empower control and confidence with full application security and visibility for cloud networks leveraging new ActionAnalytics – delivering real-time reporting of critical application and service information, along with adaptive policy controls that automatically tunes NetScaler policies for dynamic application traffic characteristics.
  • Provide infinite flexibility with built-in cloud connectivity. Integrated cloud bridging capabilities make hybrid cloud architectures a reality by easily connecting on-prem NetScaler appliances with third-party clouds infrastructures – while preserving performance, security and transparency.

NetScaler 10 turns the #1 Internet delivery system into the most advanced cloud network platform (not to mention demolishing that wall that is directly ahead).