With the rise of workshifting and mobile workstyles, there is a growing requirement for people to be just as productive when mobile as when they are in the office.  Embracing mobility by enabling extremely productive mobile workers presents significant challenges to the IT organization. This is exacerbated by the mix of devices, applications and data that get introduced, creating utter chaos for enterprise IT. Core to this chaos are the issues of user experience, access, control, data security, application management, and support.

To help understand this chaos, lets look at each area where complexity is introduced:

  1. Devices: The ever-increasing range of devices and device platforms is creating BYO device chaos within the enterprise. Providing users rapid connectivity and a productive user experience across device platforms, screen sizes and resolutions is complex due to the sheer number of combinations possible. Android, iOS, Windows, RIM; laptop, tablet, smartphone – each variation expands an already over-burdensome support matrix. That’s even before the network is considered!
  2. Applications: The ever-growing mix of SaaS, mobile, web and Windows applications within enterprises is creating application management and support turmoil as well. With so many options available, application sprawl is a real problem. In the not too distant future, if not today, this will be compounded by BYO-apps, that is, individual applications brought into the enterprise as a result of BYOD.
  3. Data: When it comes to enterprise data there is a security spectrum that is influenced by multiple factors such as device ownership, user status and current location. For example, what a contract employee can access from a personal device connected via a public WIFI network should be markedly different from a permanent employee using a desktop PC on the corporate LAN.

The challenge is how to address this complexity with so many uncontrolled endpoint devices, poorly written and/or malicious applications, and readily available consumer data sharing applications. An unfortunate fact is that when it comes to security concerns, the biggest threats generally come from within the organization. These incidents are not always malicious and may occur passively, however the enterprise must take steps to ensure it can control and secure its data.

Fortunately Citrix is working on clearing the chaos by providing a trusted client on the device and a unified enterprise storefront to access and control enterprise application and data resources. Citrix Receiver + CloudGateway + ShareFile provide a unified enterprise mobility solution that addresses the issues associated with device, application, and data chaos.

Citrix Receiver provides a “me at work” on any device – one that is provided by the enterprise or as part of a BYOD program, it really doesn’t matter. The key is that Citrix Receiver provides a secure, portable workspace to access applications, desktops and data. CloudGateway + Sharefile are the backend infrastructure that enables Receiver to be a person’s universal workspace. Between them, they connect users to the backend services that represent their applications, desktops and data, and that allow them to be productive from anywhere.

We are very excited about our solution that is designed to support the mobile enterprise. We are focusing on what matters – delivering corporate apps and data, securely, to users on any device in any location, while ensuring chaos is a thing of the past. If mobility is high on your list, keep an eye on Citrix this year!