This week at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), IT professionals from around the globe will be fired up about the cloud, System Center 2012, Windows 8 and more. Everything sounds really great, but how will you implement these in the real world? The easy answer is that it all starts with application management.

The challenge of attending an awesome conference is going back to your office and sharing what you learned with your manager to justify the Las Vegas trip on your expenses. Next Monday, you have to face the real world problems in your current environment: a Windows 7 deployment, getting the virtualization pilot off the ground, dealing with new hires who want to use their latest mobile gadget to access the business critical applications that drive their job. The answer here again is “it all starts with application management.”

If you do nothing else at the MMS expo, stop by the Citrix booth to talk about the AppDNA application management software. You’ve seen AppDNA at MMS the past 3 years, but now that AppDNA is part of Citrix, imagine what can come next. AppDNA can help you with the application management challenges you have today – Windows 7, implementing App-V or expanding your XenApp project – and help you plan for what’s next on the radar.

If you’ve somehow missed it, AppDNA software automates application testing and remediation plus automates the application packaging process. Want to virtualize an application after solving application compatibility issues? AppDNA software uniquely invokes the Microsoft App-V Sequencer and the Citrix XenApp Profiler to create a workable virtual package. Want to plan an OS migration or virtualization rollout? Let AppDNA software drive application management.

AppDNA software uniquely integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory to show the user, group and machine information for managed applications. Determine which organizational groups might be best to pilot a new OS or virtualization technology.

Show the users affected by application compatibility issues
AppDNA application management software uniquely integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory


That’s great for managed applications that IT sends out, but what about all of the other apps that local users install and maybe aren’t being tracked by System Center? For unmanaged applications, download a no-charge 60 day trail of the Lakeside Software SysTrack software from the Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator. AppDNA software can also consume Lakeside user, machine and application information to give you a very comprehensive overview of what’s happening in the enterprise.

Learn the users, devices and groups impacted by application compatibility issues
AppDNA application management software consumes Lakeside Software SysTrack information


Know if an application that has a severe compatibility issue is used by 10 people or 1000 people. Are those 10 people your finance team or temporary staff on a project? With AppDNA software, you can determine who is the best work group for a Window 7 pilot or for implementing XenDesktop, based on their applications and the severity of application issues.

Use the rich AppDNA information to greatly accelerate today’s projects, then re-use the application management data for those really great ideas from MMS. For the 300-500 new applications that come into the enterprise each year, use AppDNA software to test, remediate and automatically prepare each application before handing it off to System Center for deployment.

Estimate the cost of managing applications, migrating applications and overall total cost of ownership, based on your application information and the application compatibility assessed by AppDNA software.

If you take care of applications today with a powerful, accurate application management software platform, you’ll be ready with answers when your manager says it’s time to plan Windows 8 or move to the cloud.

Show your manager what you learned at MMS – implement AppDNA software to save time, cost and risk in your short-term projects and your everyday critical application management. Have the knowledge to manage applications today so the cool projects of the future are easier to manage. Use your application management know-how to impress the boss – guaranteeing a green light for your MMS 2013 budget requests (despite those $6 Venetian gelatos on your expense report).

Find out more 330pm Pacific Tuesday at the Citrix in-booth presentation, “Enabling Windows 7 Migration” at MMS. Check out the AppDNA application management software here and start planning application management today.