In the midst of growing network deployments, products like NetScaler ADC, Branch Repeaters, SDX, Cloud Bridge and Access Gateway bring the agility today’s network need.  Where these networking products manage the network, Command Center brings the manageability and monitoring solution to these devices. So, every manageability & monitoring knob on Command Center comes out multi-folds with its affect on the manageability of the network.

In this blog, we will encircle around how the flexibility of representing these devices within Command Center with host name, system name or system IP can bring such simplicity to manage these devices.

Command Center by default, displays the discovered devices with their System IP. Now why would you want to change the System IP representation of the devices?

When you are managing multiple devices at different locations, identifying specific devices at a particular location with their IP addresses doesn’t come out that easy. In situation like these naming convention offsets this. Discovering these devices with their host names will make things easier. Once you do that, the devices will be represented across Command Center with their host names only.

Now, if at any point you want to change the representation to System IP or System Name. You can do that by modifying Device Label under Administration >> Server Settings, as shown below:

With these few steps you can get the flexibility to represent the devices with hostnames. Now, small change like this affects not just on the device representation under Citrix NetworkTab, but also across the list of devices under Monitoring and Certificate Management tab. This small but effective flexibility helps you represent your network in the right context.