At Synergy Barcelona last year the Tools as a Service (TaaS) team were out in force and your could’nt miss them 🙂 Why, because they were all wearing red shoes!

Citrix TaaS is an initiative from Citrix Support, focused on making the support of your Citrix environments as easy as possible.  It features tools and online auto-analysis capabilities that will help customers collect environment information, analyze that information and receive tailored recommendations based on their Citrix environment and configuration.

During the Synergy Barcelona event the TaaS team met lots of customers/partners, receiving excellent feedback and suggestions.  I’m glad to annouce that the TaaS team will be returning to Synergy San Francisco next month with an updated product.

List last year, we will also be looking for feedback from you. If you are attending Synergy in San Francisco next month and want to meet up then you can reach out to me directly on email and sign up for a usability session.

Just like last year, you will be able to spot the team a mile away 🙂

So for fun and a chance to win a pair of your own “TaaS shoes” answer the question below:

What color/pattern shoes will the TaaS team be wearing at Synergy San Francisco this year?

Please post your answer in the comments section below.  First correct answer wins.

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