NTT Communications Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, and its NorthAmerican Subsidiary Verio this morning announced that they have chosen Citrix CloudStack™ to power their upcoming public cloud service.   Cloudn, NTTs new public cloud offering based on our latest platform, is launching in North America today and in Japan early this summer.

Cloudn is an innovative, highly scalable public cloud service designed to provide NTT’s users with virtually unlimited computing power that can be used on-demand, and billed by actual usage. Taking complete advantage of the robust feature set of CloudStack, Cloudn will also offer many of our advanced capabilities by enabling embedded network functions such as firewall and load balancing services, delivering a cloud application storefront with preset virtual server templates and offer disaster recovery through automatic data backups enabled by our snapshotting capabilities.  Using the CloudStack UI as a key differentiator, Cloudn will also provide a single cloud console that will enable users to have a single point of control for distributed cloud services that they might be consuming in either North America or Japan.

Our growing roster of established and forward thinking customers is testament to the power of our cloud computing solution.  For global organizations like NTT Communications that are looking to deliver automated, elastic, self-service clouds to global customers, Citrix CloudStack delivers a complete solutions that gets them to market quickly – all on an open source software platform. This is why we have amassed such a successful list of cloud deployments from leading companies like Edmunds, Nokia, BT, Datapipe and GoDaddy.   NTT joins some of the biggest brands in the world that are using CloudStack in innovative ways to better their businesses. Ultimately, for NTT, it was the simplicity and quick time-to-market that CloudStack could deliver that attracted them to Citrix.

Remember to register for the upcoming Citrix Synergy 2012 conference May 9-11 in San Francisco. We will be showcasing an number of our cloud customers, rolling out of complete cloud strategy and give users a chance to share and learn with other users as well as product experts.