Synergy 2012 @ SFO

Citrix Access Gateway is a secure application access solution that provides administrators granular application-level control while empowering users with remote access from anywhere. Built with a clear intent to enhance application delivery, Access Gateway is the de-facto way to access your hosted applications and Desktops (XenApp, XenDesktop). Access Gateway has an enviable feature list:

  • Highly scalable appliances, based on the industry renowned NetScalar platform.
  • Excellent integration with XenApp and XenDsktop, to provide SmartAccess to your applications and Desktops
  • Available as a Virtual Appliance
  • Control access based on various parameters like user, device, device trust, location, …
  • End Point Analysis to define the category of access
  • Be productive and access your applications on the move, without even creating VPN tunnels

But the trends are changing. Mobility is a reality, that every corporate needs to embrace. In doing so, does IT let go of security concerns? Is it not true that the multitude of gadgets per employee, has opened new threats / challenges for IT? If that is not enough, add in the diversity of applications that users want access to, thanks to the explosion of Web and SaaS apps running in the cloud. How does IT deal with these new challenges?

Citrix is committed to application delivery, in the most secure way possible! We @ Citrix, have a vision much bigger than just a VPN solution. We believe in looking at the bigger picture, and come out with and end to end solutions for our customers. Citrix Access Gateway is evolving from a simple remote access solution to solving much harder challenges, while ensuring that your data and your applications are always safe!

Come hear us out @ Synergy 2012, being held in San Francisco. Here are the details for my session:

Session Number: SYN227
Track: Enterprise Cloud Networks
Date / Time: May 9, 08:00 – 08:45
Room: Moscone West 2014
Session Type: Breakout
Session Level: Technical – Intro
Product Category: Access Gateway, CloudGateway
Content Type: What’s New