The value of keeping the network intact is apparent. A robust solution ensures a sturdy deployment and enables consistent committed delivery of the solution.

NetScaler ADC is a robust and a sleek application delivery controller. It is an all-in-one application delivery controller that makes applications run much faster, reduces web application ownership costs, optimizes the user experience, and makes sure that applications are always available.

NetScaler ADC constitutes of two types of entities, virtual servers and services. Virtual servers handle the front end traffic from the clients and Services handle the back end interaction with the servers.

Without any further explanation, managing and keeping a close look at these entities is of utmost importance. This is where Citrix Command Center comes in.

Command Center is a complete manageability and monitoring solution, which manages these entities at all levels from creating these entities to analyzing performance via graphical reports. The USP of Command Center is to have the ability to intelligently manage these entities across multiple NetScaler ADCs.

Below is a sneak peek of, in how many ways Command Center helps maintain a top view picture of ALL the entities configured acrossMULTIPLE NetScaler ADCs.

Entity specific functions under Fault Management

  • Create Entity level VIEWs enabling logical segregation
  • Create Email notifications based out of traps generated for specific entities
  • Forward traps of desired entities to external trap destination
  • Suppress traps for specific entities

Fully dedicated tab for monitoring entities:

  • Get full picture of all your virtual servers, services and service groups across multiple NetScalers under one roof!
  • Create customized VIEWS under virtual servers, services or service group’s tabs depending on specific devices, protocols, states, health of the virtual servers or last state change of the services.
  • Enable/Disable multiple entities in one go
  • Multi level entity based advanced search

Configuration Management

  • Configure multiple entities by creating Custom Tasks under configuration management

Change Management

  • Run change assessment reports for specific entities to avoid unwanted entity level configuration changes

Performance Management

  • Create performance graphical reports based out of listed 55 supported entity based counters


  • Authorize users not only to specific devices but also to specific entities as well.

With entity specific monitoring, fault management, configuration management, change management, performance management and authorization, Command Center gives a complete solution to administer NetScaler ADCs entities and which helps keep the network intact.