As you think about how you can expand your XenDesktop environment to more of the enterprise, security, availability and scalability become more and more of a concern.  Designing and building a solution for enterprise class delivery requires thinking across three broad areas:

  • Desktop Availability:  Securely delivering the right desktop and applications to the user with a minimum of fuss and muss, and delivering it even if an individual desktop image fails.
  • High Availability:  Making sure that if a single component in the desktop delivery infrastructure fails, users will still be able to get at their desktop.
  • Disaster Recovery/Global Roaming:  Addressing how users get to a desktop if an entire site is unavailable, or if they roam from location to location.

These are design elements where the synergistic relationship between XenDesktop and NetScaler come into play.  XenDesktop provides the framework for desktop delivery; with features such as FlexCast models to ensure that users get desktops delivered that are optimized for their requirements, while NetScaler provides key elements to ensure that desktops are delivered securely and that critical elements of the infrastructure are intelligently load balanced both within a datacenter and across an organization.

For example, consider load balancing.  Most large scale XenDesktop deployments will have multiple Web Interface servers and XenDesktop Controllers to serve the needs of the end-users while providing availability should a single component fail.  But by itself, XenDesktop doesn’t provide intelligent load balancing of the components and in some cases manual intervention is required to get service going again if a component fails.

That’s where NetScaler comes in.  Providing intelligent load balancing for XenDesktop components, NetScaler provides load balancing for both the Web Interface and XenDesktop DDC components, and uses intelligent monitors to make sure that the appropriate Citrix components on the servers are responding to requests, rather than just load balancing an IP address.   With the combination of XenDesktop and NetScaler, enterprise class availability and load balancing is achieved.

Want to know more?  Come to Synergy 2012 and attend our session; SYN303 – Best practices for reliable and scalable XenDesktop and XenApp deployments with NetScaler where you’ll learn about how easily you can provide:

  • Intelligent load balancing for XenDesktop and XenApp
  • Secure remote access through integrated Access Gateway
  • Global Server Load Balancing for XenDesktop
  • Optimized access through integrated Web Interface

And all in a few simple click through wizards!  Join us in San Francisco this May to learn about the synergy created when XenDesktop and NetScaler are used together, at Synergy.  I look forward to seeing you there!