In years past many did not know that Citrix had a fully functional hypervisor (minus the top hosting providers but who are they right!!!  They only provide for millions of businesses and people), but we have had a sensational product that was not a focus because so many were using VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V.  That never stopped our dedicated developing team, and with that extreme dedication they have produced a top tier hypervisor that offers all of the functionality that the other hypervisors offer; such as:

  • High Availability
  • Site Recovery
  • Live VM migration
  • Dynamic Memory Management
  • Power Distribution Management
  • GPU pass-through for VDI
  • Easy node management
  • NO need for a separate management server with SQL

Organizations are starting to see that XenServer is more than a inexpensive basic hypervisor, it is a fully functional enterprise ready solution that is meeting and exceeding expectations of their business requirements.

The U.S. Army Shared Services Center saw a need to make a change in how they were virtualizing their server infrastructure and determined taking advantage of Citrix XenServer was the right path to meet their needs.   Read the official case study here.