There is so much happening at Citrix these days it can be hard to keep track. To help out, next month for Synergy SFO, the CTO Office is organizing a session with three of our CTO’s.

  • Bernd Christiansen – CTO Online Services Division
  • Brad Pedersen – VP Chief Architect & Senior Fellow – Desktop and Cloud Division
  • Sheng Liang – CTO Cloud Platforms Group.

In this session we hope to give you some detail on what has been going on, and project that foward, to give you a better perspective of where we see the market headed, and how we intend to help you make the most of it.

This will be a  great session for product strategists and architects as your thinking about how your future may unfold.

If you have got any real hot items drop me a line and I will make sure we try and get it covered. If not feel free to hang out after the session and we can talk more.

Andrew Dent

Director Strategy and Communcation – CTO Office