Thanks for coming here today and am pretty excited about my first blog. Hope this helps and wish to see you all a bit more often here…

Specifically, this is a tool that we use in our team for capturing the environment details that would help the engineering teams learn the factors of environments easily. It’s P13N_EnvCapture, captures “App Streaming”, “Personal vDisk” and “Profile Management” environmental parameters. Eveytime we find an issue, with a single click we have most of the data that’s needed for further debugging and the bonus is – all the data captured is available in the clipboard automatically so that you can paste into a tracking system or email to share the same.  🙂

A bit more into internals: tool captures technology specific and some general info on the OS, Users.  Details captured are populated into a text file in the user TEMP folder and the name of the text file is appended with the system timestamp. Developed in C++ to eliminate dependency on .NET framework.

Click here to download the tool. We really appreciate you sharing this info with Citrix when reporting issues for these technologies.



P.S – In my way, “Personalization” is P13N !