As organizations adopt webcams in ever increasing numbers, optimized solutions that offload CPU-intensive video processing from the VDI server to the user device offer a significant advantage. Cisco has just announced that they are now shipping a VXI Unified Communications (UC) firmware upgrade for the VXC 6215 thin client that enables peer-to-peer voice and video. Citrix XenDesktop is the first VDI product to be supported by this new Cisco solution, thanks to our strategic alliance announced in October.

With this optimized architecture, facilitated by the Citrix Virtual Channel SDK, all media traffic flows directly from the VXC 6215 to the other party to the video call or to the video conferencing bridge, bypassing the Citrix XenDesktop server altogether. The user interface of the UC application runs on the virtual desktop but the media engine runs on the user device. The result is uncompromised server scalability, reduced network bandwidth consumption and zero degradation of audio-video quality.

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Derek Thorslund
Director of Product Management, HDX