Technology Enthusiasts,

Virtualization & Cloud Experts,

Fellow Geeks…

Are you:

  • Tired of stuffy conferences where you feel like a drone in an old Apple commercial?
  • Interested in virtualization, cloud convergence, networking and mobility?
  • Looking for uncut, unfiltered and unprecedented discussion & debate?

Do you:

  • Want to speak your mind about technology, and all you need is a stage?
  • Have the best time mixing it up with other gangsters of geekdom?
  • Watch “Blade Runner” (any version) for the 11th time, just because it’s on?

If so, look no further! The four-day improvisational geektastic extravaganza, better known as Geek Speak Live! at Synergy San Francisco, is back and brainier than ever. That’s right…

We’ll be keeping it real with a brand-new Geek Speak Live! track that includes:

  • Geek Speak Tonight: The fan favorite returns, where seasoned CTOs and Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) lead interactive discussions on industry hot topics, and the audience takes center stage to join the conversation! This event will close down Summit and kick off Synergy on Tuesday, May 8 at 4:30 – 6:30pm giving you a chance to start off Synergy with a bang! Get there early to claim your seat. Refreshments will be served, so grab a snack and get set for an action-packed double-header!
  • Geek Speak Breakouts: Not your run-o-the-mill formal sessions! These sessions are chock-full of open, unfiltered discussion and debate on a variety of technical topics led by CTPs, CTOs and other respected industry thought leaders. Held May 9-11 alongside the formal breakout sessions.

Because it’s improvisational and anyone can join the discussion, every Geek Speak event is 100% unique, so it’s not surprising that a technological breakthrough in thought can take place at any time! You don’t wanna miss it so be there to experience it LIVE & UNCENSORED!

To access the full Geek Speak Live! session list:

Visit the Synergy Breakout Sessions site and click the “Geek Speak Live” tab. You have the option to add these sessions to your Synergy agenda, and I suggest you do just that, so you don’t miss the excitement!

More Resources:

  • Video archive of Geek Speak Tonight! at Synergy Barcelona (Oct. 2011)
  • The Geek Speak Live! at Synergy San Francisco Event Page
  • The “Evolution of the Geek” Flow Chart (a reference for non-geeks)

So be there and be square! Put on your thinking caps, don your argyle socks and get ready for Geek Speak Live! at Synergy!

…brought to you by the letter β ;o)

Laura Whalen
Geek Speak PM
Citrix Systems, Inc.
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