NetScaler is Common Criteria Certified(CCC)!  This certification is actually done almost annually but it is always exciting to talk about it afterwards because of all the work that everyone put into it.  Some of our engineers went to lunch to celebrate, and some took the rest of the day off! 😉  Ever wonder what Common Criteria means?  Well, here is a wiki link for the details.

Not only is NetScaler certified, but also other Citrix products such as XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer, etc.

Citrix Common Criteria Certification information is provided in this link.  This link gives details to the different Common Criteria docs for further browsing and looking into the actual CCC procedures.   The whole CCC process is work intensive and touches many different folks in Engineering, DevTest, Product Management, Operations and even some times Manufacturing.   Citrix is so committed to providing secure software to our customers that there is an entire team dedicated just to do Common Criteria and Certifcation.  Here is a summary of CCC from citrix page, definitely check it out and spread this goodness to customers and partners!

The Common Criteria represents the outcome of efforts to develop criteria for evaluation of IT security that are widely useful within the international community. It is an alignment and development of a number of source criteria: the existing European, US and Canadian criteria (ITSEC, TCSEC and CTCPEC respectively). The Common Criteria resolves the conceptual and technical differences between the source criteria. It is a contribution to the development of an international standard, and opens the way to worldwide mutual recognition of evaluation results.

Criteria developments in Canada and European ITSEC countries followed the original US TCSEC work (Orange Book). The US Federal Criteria development was an early attempt to combine these other criteria with the TCSEC, and eventually led to the current pooling of resources towards production of the Common Criteria.