Nothing strikes fear into the heart of an IT professional like losing control over security.  Yet, two of the most popular trends in IT – Bring Your Own (BYO) and Cloud computing – threaten to obliterate security as we know it.

BYO computing allows workers to use their own devices, networks and applications in the enterprise.  After spending decades trying to prevent any “non-standard”, personally-owned and consumer-grade devices from using the enterprise network, IT is reluctantly having to say “yes” to a host of practices that had been previously forbidden by policy and network controls.

The Cloud has similarly empowered workers to choose and purchase Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, computing platforms and datacenter infrastructure without involving IT.  Departments and even individual workers are paying for cloud services with their credit cards – and often thinking about the security of the enterprise way after their clouds are in widespread use.

To gain control over and maintain the security of sensitive enterprise data, IT must both simultaneously enable workers to leverage BYO and Cloud services, while providing a carrot that entices workers to involve IT in today’s computing decisions.  That carrot is a seamless virtual infrastructure that simplifies computing for the worker, keeps BYO personal and maintains security that’s fit to purpose.  By offering enterprise productivity services such as a Storefront for applications, Receiver for BYO, Cloud Gateway for unified access and a deeply Personal Cloud, workers inherit from IT a simple and powerful computing environment that’s far superior to what they could have built themselves. Of course, IT benefits from using XenDesktop for desktop and application delivery along with NetScaler and CloudBridge to secure, automate and optimize connectivity to web applications and multiple clouds.

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By designing for your fears, BYO and Cloud computing achieve the synergistic goal of optimizing productivity and security, empowering both workers and IT.