What do you plan on doing two years from now? Completing a MBA degree? Attending your child’s graduation? Taking that dream vacation? Getting a promotion? Finding budget for extended support for Windows XP?

If your plan is to hold off on a Windows 7 migration and just pay for extended support for Windows XP, you’re likely not getting the promotion.

Just like you’d research graduate schools before pursuing an MBA or investigate destinations before booking a big vacation, start planning now for your Windows 7 migration. Your deadline is just about two years – Windows XP support ends on April 8, 2014.

Accelerate your Windows 7 application migration planning with a new easy-to-follow Windows 7 migration checklist that guides the process and helps you put together a successful migration plan. Based on the customer feedback from hundreds of OS migration projects, this Citrix AppDNA checklist shares hints to discover, model, automate and manage projects to save time and cost and while mitigating risk.

If you’re looking to virtualize in addition to deploying physical desktops, Citrix XenDesktop and AppDNA software combine to dramatically accelerate enterprise-wide migrations to Windows 7. Together it is a seamless way to deliver virtual desktops and applications in existing operations.

Whether just beginning a Microsoft® Windows 7® application migration project or moving forward on an existing project, it’s helpful to have a detailed step-by-step process to prepare for a Windows 7 migration. Download the Windows 7 migration checklist here.  Use it to start to determine your two-year plan — perhaps it will help you find some extra time in your schedule to actually plan that dream vacation for 2014.