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GrexIt is a Citrix Startup Accelerator company.

Shared or Public Folders have been a hugely popular feature in MS Outlook and Exchange, whereas they have always been absent from Google Apps email. Being able to share email conversations with your colleagues is of great value for most email users, and GrexIt brings this functionality into Google Apps. And its so much better than Shared email Folders as someone familiar with Outlook would know about.

You can view GrexIt as a public folder for your entire company, where you and your colleagues can easily submit conversations at a single click of a button on your email interface. On adding to GrexIt, the whole conversation, along with attachments are added to GrexIt. Not just that, after a conversation is added to GrexIt, GrexIt automatically keeps track of any further messages received on that conversation and pull them into the version of the conversation inside GrexIt.

Shared Labels in GrexIt make it very easy to organize the conversations, and specify Access Controls on them. For instance, you can easily define a label called “Finance” in GrexIt, and give access to that label only to the members of the Finance and Accounts team in your company. After that, as soon as the label “Finance” is applied to a conversation in GrexIt, the access to view that conversation becomes limited to the Finance and Accounts teams. Using Shared Labels, it is very easy to create sections inside GrexIt, accessible only to specific people inside your company.

GrexIt does not stop there, and gives you automation with a feature called Fetch Rules. Using Fetch Rules, you can instruct GrexIt to automatically pick up specific email conversations from the inboxes of people in your company. For example, when your Accounts person adds a label called “Invoice” on a conversation in his inbox, GrexIt can automatically pick it up from his inbox and share it with the Finance and Accounts teams. Future versions of Fetch Rules would support fetching on conversations based on keywords and recepients. Fetch Rules allow you to create a system to automatically pull in useful email conversations and share them with the right people in your company.

GrexIt is the easiest way for you and your team to share and archive useful email communication. Sign up now at

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